Sheriff’s Office and Immigration

As Sheriff, I feel it is important to share my perspective on local law enforcement’s role in enforcing immigration laws. To be very clear, the Sheriff’s Office does not involve itself with the enforcement of immigration laws. This practice is not going to change. A safe community needs an effective law enforcement agency. To be effective, we need the trust and cooperation between all residents and the deputies sworn to protect them. We do not want the fear of immigration status to inhibit members of our communities from interacting with their deputies.

Those who commit qualifying serious crimes and are eligible for ICE referrals should have their immigration status reviewed.  This process has been in place for years and is compliant with the Values Act (SB 54) and the TRUTH Act.

We deeply appreciate and value the trust and confidence our communities place in the Sheriff’s Office and look forward to your continued support.

The information on this page will be updated quarterly