Narcotics Unit

Narcotics UnitThe Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit is comprised of specially-trained and highly dedicated personnel who are responsible for the investigation and suppression of narcotics activities that occur within Ventura County and/or whose illegal activities adversely affect the citizens of Ventura County and the quality of life they have come to expect.

The Narcotics Unit consists of two Street Enforcement Teams and includes investigators assigned to the Ventura County Combined Agency Narcotic Task Force (VCAT). Each of these teams works closely with other local, state, and federal agencies in order to provide a maximum level of narcotics enforcement for the citizens of Ventura County.

Investigations performed by members of the Narcotics Unit require a variety of techniques to include such things as surveillance, under-cover operations, informant development, information gathering and analysis, and the service of search and arrest warrants.

From the most complex workings of the major narcotics traffickers to the methods and operations of the street level dealer, the Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit actively and aggressively pursues all violators in a manner which helps to promote that our neighborhoods are free from the fear of crime.